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Dust Hog Pro® and Beno J. Gundlach Co. Partner To Help Installers Save Clean Up Time & Work Safer!

BOSTON, MA – Dust Hog Pro® LLC announced that it has teamed up with Beno J. Gundlach Co. to help contractors keep their job sites cleaner and safer by minimizing airborne dust when mixing powdered materials. 

Dust Hog Pro® Joins Fuse Alliance

Fuse Alliance, a Member-owned organization of professional commercial flooring contractors, announced today that Dust Hog has joined the network as a new supplier. Launched last fall, Dust Hog® is expanding its distribution network throughout North America to help mitigate jobsite dust, one of the construction industry’s greatest challenges.

Dust Hog Pro® Names Chief Customer Officer

Dust Hog Pro® adds Patrick Mullins to its leadership team as chief customer officer. Mullins is best known within the building construction industry for his role in founding and growing the CMP brand of floor preparation cement products.

Starnet Partnership Announcement

Launched in September 2020, Dust Hog® is now building out its distribution network throughout North America to help mitigate one of the industry’s greatest challenges, dust control.

Dust Hog Pro Introduces Innovative New Product​

Dust Hog Pro® Introduces Innovative New Product

Now more than ever, taking precautions to minimize the spread of airborne particulates in any indoor environment is essential for owners, specifiers and contractors alike,” said Scott Banda, chief commercial officer for Dust Hog Pro® LLC. “The Dust Hog® is the ultimate dust reducing, vacuum attachment tool… and, we have test data to prove it!

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